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 From Duncan 

Dear friends, 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can say with absolute certainty that one of the most beautiful man-made places on earth is the Hermitage of St Anthony of La Florida in Madrid. A small chapel, and Goya’s final resting place (sans tĂȘte), is elevated to a scene of remarkable beauty by the artist’s frescoes of the miracle of St Anthony in the dome, and of angels and putti (flying babies) around the upper walls. 

When his father was accused of murder, St Anthony miraculously flew from Padua to Portugal to raise up the victim from his grave who then declared the father’s innocence. I am not entirely convinced that this is true, but sometimes strange stories prompt great art, and possibly in this case the beginnings of forensic science. In 1798, Goya put a crowd of contemporary locals in the dome as witnesses to the miracle but also to do the sort of things crowds do, with much chatter and activity. Beneath them and at the east end he placed splendidly corporeal angels, full of colour and humanity. The whole thing is a joy to behold. 

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I heard someone say recently that he resented being told where beauty lies: ‘Look at this; it’s beautiful!’ immediately makes him think: ‘I shall be the judge of that.’ Jesus talked of beauty in nature on one occasion when he marvelled at the lilies: ‘Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these’. That makes me think Jesus had an aesthetic sense and would, from time to time, happily contemplate beauty rather than always be striding from place to place in energetic ministry to those in need. There’s a children’s book called ‘Jesus’ Day Off’ that makes just this point, and I knew one bishop who gave it to all his clergy. 

In November we are reminded again that even in the midst of the devastation of conflict, piercingly beautiful, ragged red poppies sprang up to give a vision of the resilience of beauty. A life without beauty is unimaginable - it is a precious gift for humanity and we should find ways to nurture it in ourselves in whatever form it takes. 


Memorial Service: Sunday 5 November 

As in previous years we will be inviting the relatives and friends of those who have died during the past year to join us for a Memorial Service in St Oswald’s parish Church at 6.30pm on Sunday 5th November. This service contains gentle readings, prayers and hymns as well as an opportunity for everyone to light a candle in memory of a loved one. During the service we will also read the names of those who have died during the past year: if you’d like your loved one to be remembered out loud, then please either leave their name on the list at the back of church, or contact Duncan the vicar. Everyone is very welcome to attend this service. 

Remembrance Sunday: 12 November 

There will be an Act of Remembrance on Sunday 12th November. St Oswald’s will be hosting the town’s Civic Remembrance. We gather in church for an Act of Remembrance, the service will begin at 10.30am with the parade of uniformed organisations into Church, and culminate in the two minutes silence at 11am. Following the Act of Remembrance, we will then process with the uniformed youth organisations, the British Legion and the rest of the town down to the War Memorial for the exultation and silence. We remember the sacrifice made by all people, particularly during the first and second world wars and the wars since, but also in every place where lives have been lost in the service of peace. 

Breakfast Church @ St Oswald’s 

Breakfast Church is held on the 4th Sunday of every month from 9:00 – 9:40 am. Child-friendly worship, community friendship, conversation and support not forgetting delicious food, fresh coffee, songs and prayers! 

Breakfast Church in November will be on Sunday November 26th – we look forward to welcoming you and your family. 

‘Christmas is coming’, or rather ‘Advent’ 

Already the shops are spreading out their usual dazzling array of Christmas glitz to tempt us but for some of us there is the magical season of Advent first. Put to one side all the razzmatazz for a while: this is one of the most serene periods of the church year. It is not a penitential season but a calm quiet one of expectation, no flowers in church but wonderful Advent hymns and carols, a family time to be together and to be hopeful. It seems that the world needs to be a bit hopeful at present: perhaps a more realistic world could come out of all this gloom, a reduction of that ‘glitz’ and more sense of value and fellow feeling. 

Advent is marked this year beginning with a candle-lit Advent Carol service at 6.30pm on 3rd December. As the month progresses towards Christmas we’ll be welcoming the toddlers and the primary schools into Church – and your clergy will be playing a full part in the local schools and organisations’ celebrations. 

As Christmas day approaches there’ll be singing Carols in the Market Square (December 8th), the traditional Carols by Candlelight services (Sunday December 17th at 6.30pm), Children’s crib service (Sunday Dec 24th, 4.30pm), Christmas Eve’s Midnight Mass (11.30pm) and then the celebration of Jesus’ birth at 8am for traditional Holy Communion, and 10.30am for the Parish Eucharist. 

The Perfect Church! 

If you could find the perfect church 

Without one fault or smear, 

For goodness sake 

Don’t join that church 

You’d spoil the atmosphere. 

If you should find the perfect church 

Where all anxieties cease, 

Then pass it by, lest joining it 

You’d spoil the masterpiece. 

If you should find the perfect church 

Then don’t you ever dare 

To tread upon such holy ground 

You’d be a misfit there. 

But since no perfect church exists, 

Made of perfect men, 

Let’s cease on looking for that church, 

And love the church we’re in. 

Of course it’s not the perfect church, 

That’s simple to discern. 

But you and I and all of us 

Could cause the tide to turn. 

What fools we are to flee the past 

In that unfruitful search 

To find, at last, where problems loom 

God proudly builds his church. 

Church from a child’s perspective 

Think of the oldest thing you can. Then something even older than that - older than dinosaurs or cavemen or even the sky. 

That's the person we call the "Vicar". And he lives in the Church. Which is a big house which was built for God to live in. Except you can't find him in there. You can find the Vicar. It's God who's harder to find. I think maybe he's hiding. 

We go to church in the car, and Mum and Dad swear at each other because they're late. Then when we get out the car they kind of put a bit of a smile on, and stop swearing till the end of Church. When we go into Church, somebody gives you lots of pieces of paper and books for later. 

The church has lots of windows, but they're high up so you can't look out of them. And instead of curtains they have Bible people painted on them. There's Noah and James and John and Mary and another Mary. And Jesus on the cross, and Jesus in the stable being a baby. And God is in some of them, but he looks quite angry. Maybe that's because all these people are sitting in his house. And there are names of dead people written on the walls, and some dead people laying on big flat stones. Only they've been dead a long time, so they're made of stone. And they've got their names under them in case everyone's forgotten who they are. 

The Vicar has some people to help him called the "Choir". They hide behind the big screen so you can't see them. They must be very shy. Maybe if we all shouted out "Choir", they'd come out and wave. But last time I did that I was told to "shush". 

And there are lots of candles. But if you blow them out like a birthday, they all get annoyed. And if you run around the church when the Vicar is talking, you get dragged off and taken out the Church for five minutes. Then Dad says I've got to calm down. Dad has a cigarette while I'm calming down. Sometimes Dad takes me out to calm three or four times. Sometimes I was calm already. 

They must like reading a lot when they're in Church. Because they have a hymn book - which they sing songs out of. And a service book - which they read out of. And a Bible - which they leave on the shelf in the chair in front. And then they get given a notice sheet, to tell them they've got to come back next Sunday. And then another piece of paper which has more songs on it. And they all complain and say, "now we've got to learn another song we don't know". And I don't know any of the songs, but I can still dance during them. Until Dad tells me I've got to come out and calm down. 

There's a big box up the front on top of some steps. It's called a "pulpit" and it's for standing in when you tell people about God. Except the Vicar doesn't go up there. He says if he was in the pulpit, it would be like he thought he was God and could tell everybody what to do. So, he stands down the bottom with everyone else, and tells them what to do from there instead. 

Then there's a bit when somebody says the prayers. The prayers are like asking God for things, but God must hate you asking for things. Because when the person's asking the prayers, everybody else ducks down and hides behind the chair in front with their head in their hands. Maybe it's because they think the church is going to crash, and they've got to get ready. 

Then the Vicar stands behind that big table at the end. Some people call it a table, but some call it an "altar". I don't know why. It doesn't alter. The altar is for having a Last Supper on. But it's not like supper, as they eat it in the morning. And although the Vicar says everyone is welcome, I'm not. They say I've got to wait till I'm older and can understand it. When I ask what it's all about, they tell me they don't really understand it. And they don't get very much supper, and only a little sip of wine. Except the Vicar. He gets a lot of wine at the end, for doing all the work. 

And then we have a cup of juice and a biscuit, and I still can't run around. Mum says that's because I might break something. But everything in there is really old, so I don't think it would matter that much. 

All Souls Service evening of November 5th at 6:30pm 

For Christians, there have always been days to remember all the saints, both known and unknown: on All Saints Day, 1 November, and then on All Souls, 2 November, we remember all those whom we love but see no longer – and on the nearest Sunday (the 5th) we recall their names and we light a candle or each one of them. 

In a simple but moving service, in a church lit by candles, we recall aloud the name of every person in the parish who has died in the past twelve months (together with the names of any others who you would like to be remembered). As each name is called, a member of the family or friends steps forward and takes two candles: one is placed on the altar as a reminder of Christ’s love burning bright in this world and the next, and the second is taken home as a reminder and a comfort. 

Church Events in the Benefice of Ashbourne 


2 September 2017 St Oswald’s George Polglass and Louisa Rose 

2 September 2017 St Oswald’s Peter Bennett and Faye Walters 

16 September 2017 St Mary & Kevin Smith and Michelle Messenger 

St Barlok 


25 September 2017 St John’s Mr Kenneth Rutland, 79 years 

29 September 2017 St Mary & Mr Timothy William Clowes, 86 yrs 

St Barlok 

St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne 

Sanctuary Flowers in St Oswald’s 

November 5th Mrs M. Pittman November 12th Mrs S. Young November 19th Mr B. Bates November 26th Mrs L. Barbour 

There will be no flowers in December during Advent. 

Anyone wishing to donate flowers in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion, please contact Margaret Dawson Telephone 01335 342339 or dawsonm17@googlemail.com 

Community Bus to St Oswald’s 

We operate a community bus once a month for the 10:30am service at St Oswald’s. The bus collects passengers from their homes, starting from 9:30am arriving at St Oswald’s church about 10:20 am. The bus returns passengers to their home after coffee. 

If you would like to use this service, please contact Paul and Gill Elliott – telephone 01335 343059. 

Future Dates: Sunday 19th November Sunday 17th December 

Sunday 21st January 2018, Sunday 18th February 2018, Sunday 18th March 2018 

The Ashbourne Branch of the Mothers’ Union meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month in St Oswald’s Church Hall at 2:30 pm and on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at different venues. 

At the afternoon meeting on 7th November the topic will be ‘Memories of my 1st Job’ and the evening meeting on 16th November will be held at Janet Hall’s home in North Avenue to fix the planning for the coming year. 

Nancy Bell Branch Leader. 


What a success our harvest lunch has been again this year! 

With the wonderful team of volunteers, we planned our harvest lunch. Each member of the team has a certain strength and whether you were Andy ordering Mark the butcher’s pies, Chris and Irene taking charge of the kitchen, Sue on raffle, Liz laying tables, Lindsay selling tickets or Peter acquiring some beautiful raffle prizes from the town’s businesses, everyone helped. 

What would we have done without our young people to help with the ‘waiting on’? Lily joined us from singing in St Oswald’s Choir, Jess rushed to join us from singing at Norbury church and Dan who had been playing the organ at Norbury joined the team of waiters before entertaining us on the piano at coffee time. Their energy helped us to get the meals out to our guests seamlessly, not forgetting a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped clear away. 

Our harvest lunch was shared by 70 people and we were pleased to see amongst our regular parishioners, visitors and friends. Duncan thanked God for all his goodness and shared ‘grace’ with us all. We all enjoyed a tasty and well-cooked meal full of nature’s goodness. 

Proceeds from the lunch have enabled St Oswald’s Church to send £253.00 the Bishops Harvest Appeal. Thank you everyone. 

Don’t Forget - St Oswald’s Church Hall. Call Irene Wilson 01335 343767 or Sue Damesin 01335 346730 Fish ‘n Chips + Bingo = A Great Family Night Out Saturday, 4 November 2017 @ 6.30 pm 

St John’s Church, Ashbourne 

Services H.C. 5th and 19th Matins, Remembrance Sunday and 26th. All BCP. 

The Harvest Festivals have been held and hopefully All is Safely Gathered in. The weather pattern over the late Summer made it a struggle for the farmers to gather the crops, the fields have been unbelievably wet and some animals had to be housed earlier than planned. Anyone watching the programme ‘The Farming Life’ will appreciate the hard work that goes into feeding the nation. Perhaps a lesson to be learned not to waste food and where able, to support the Food Banks in the town, one in St. John's Church Hall. Tinned and dry goods are required as has been the request at the Harvest services. And ‘Yes’ there is a need here in our town. Please help where you can. 

As is my want, I have to again say thank you to St. Luke for the marvellous weather we enjoyed around the 18th October. He does not fail us and it is always a little boost before the darker nights and shorter days and I shall be confused again as we will be on 'cow time'!! 

We are approaching Advent, how quickly the year passes and one year since we welcomed Duncan and Ellie into our midst. What a joyful year it has been. What a Godsend also for us to have Nigel and Maggie and that their retirement path brought them to Ashbourne. The team continue to need our support to ease their busy workload, so please do what you can and volunteer where you can. 

Diary dates: November 18th The Derbyshire Singers return to St. John's, see posters for ticket sales etc. 16th December Ashbourne Singers Christmas Concert. 

Monica Cope 


Holy Trinity Church, Clifton 


Date of the next meeting: Wednesday 11th November 2017 

Speaker: David Down 

Subject: Millionaire Experience 

Venue: Clifton-Smith Hall – Time: 7.15 pm 

We meet every second Wednesday of the month and are always very pleased to see fresh faces as either a visitor or prospective new members. 

The contact details are: President Tina Harbinson Tel. 01335 343749 or Secretary Phyl Kirkman 01335 343498. 

Monthly Lunch 

The November church lunch will be held on Wednesday 28th November 2017 at Clifton Lodge at 12.30 pm. Please let Mrs. Radford know by 26th November if you would like to attend. 


St Mary’s Church, Mappleton 

Flower rota 

November 5th and 12th - Betty Sherratt and Sue Ratcliffe 

November 19th and 26th - Margrit Methuen 

December 3rd and 10th - Mossie Jackson 

December 17th and 24th - Philippa Walker-Okeover 

Kevin attended the service on Sunday 8th October so we were able to say, "goodbye and thank you" to him for all he had done for us over the past years. We presented him with a small gift to mark the occasion. 

Harvest Festival this year was a different format. Afternoon tea was held at the Okeover Arms provided by Jean and her staff. This was well attended and then in time for the service at 6 p.m. members went over to the Church. There was a large amount of produce provided the majority being taken to the Ashbourne Food Bank and the remainder shared between the congregation. 

Christmas Services at St. Mary's 

A Children's Crib Service will be held on Saturday 16th December at 5 p.m. 

Christmas Day service - Communion at 9.15 a.m. - led by Rev. Duncan. 

5th November - Bonfire at 6 p.m. 

Other events in December for Mappleton villagers - TBC 

Children's Christmas Party on the 20th December at 2.30 p.m. 

Trip to Buxton for the Pantomime on 18th December 

Thursday 28th December - Mulled Wine and Mince Pies etc. 

Joan Duckmanton 

EDWARD BEAR at St Oswald’s Church 

Edward Bear continues to meet regularly every Thursday morning in the Church Hall 9.30am – 11.30am, for children 0 – 5 years and their parents and carers. Edward Bear has a team of 10 volunteers. 

Families are welcomed with a warm drink, toast and/or a bacon roll and parents/carers can sit and chat as their children play. Often after the rush of the morning, perhaps having taken older siblings to school, it comes as a welcome relief for mum’s to be met by smiling faces, served a warm drink and share in some adult conversation. 

The church hall is full of toys, books, craft activities, playdoh, a soft area for babies and offers friendship to both children and adults alike. At 10.30am we encourage everyone to move into the church for some ‘worship time’. We have a comfortable children’s area where we meet for prayer, stories about Jesus and songs/musical instruments. We discuss what Jesus has taught us and through stories and play attempt to demonstrate the relevance of Jesus’s words in our everyday lives today. 

This precious time of worship in the church is welcomed by our parents/carers, creating the opportunity to focus and through prayer remember loved ones, acknowledge worries and concerns, celebrate joys. To remember concerns that affect the world. We all then return to the church hall for ‘snack time’, and children sit around tables to enjoy a snack of ‘mostly’ healthy food. Parents/carers can look on with a coffee. Often there is a birthday cake with candles for one of our children giving us all the opportunity to sing ‘happy birthday’. (All children who are registered with Edward Bear receive a birthday card through the post). 

As we progress into this blustery autumn, we welcome parents/carers and their children to Edward Bear. You may know of a young family who may benefit from coming along to join us, or you may have some time to offer as a volunteer. Edward Bear contact details are found on the back of this magazine. 

St Oswald’s Choir News 

Peter Jury has been a member of St Oswald’s choir for fifty years, a remarkable achievement. He is a very loyal member of our Evensong choir so at Evensong on 1st October we presented Peter with a special medallion to mark the occasion. Well done Peter and thank you for all your commitment over so many years to the choir and the life of St Oswald’s church. 

Michael Halls, Director of Music, Viv Jury, Peter Jury & Duncan Ballard 

We also presented a medallion to Eric Mitchell to mark his lifetime of service to choirs but especially here. This was taken to him in Derby Heights. He was genuinely thrilled to have that recognition. 

Many thanks. 

Royal Visit to St Oswald's Church, Ashbourne

On 27th September 2017 HRH Prince Edward visited the “Ashbourne Treasures Exhibition” in St Oswald's Church. 

The exhibition had been running for 3months at three sites in the town and the Church had been one of the sites where the building and its contents are a major treasure in Ashbourne. 

The Exhibition had been Lottery funded and organised by a committee of various organisations in the town with artifacts lent by the British Museum, Derbyshire Records Office, and private individuals. A series of evening talks had run alongside the exhibits. 

Over 8,500 people visited from far and wide during the 3 months and 80 local volunteers, including some church flower arrangers, had acted as stewards. The church flower arrangers had arranged special flowers for the dedication service in July, throughout the 3months and of course for the royal visit. 


Our Beautiful Church dressed for Harvest Festival 

Many thanks to our Flower Arrangers for such a display 


Saturday, 30th September 2017 

Our starting point this month was the car park at Milldale, and, based on the prevailing low cloud and drizzle, we made the decision to walk the planned route in an anti-clockwise direction. This later proved to be a good decision as the skies cleared, making it bright and even sunny for our higher-level return leg, and affording great views back over the Manifold Valley and Hartington. 

We kept up a cracking pace northward up Milldale and Wolfscote Dale, spotting several herons and dippers en route, and pausing for coffee at the entrance to Beresford Dale. From here we turned south and climbed gradually up to the scenic path on the flanks of Narrowdale Hill. Avoiding the rather large and inquisitive bull on the other side of a substantial stone wall! After lunch on the village green in Alstonefield it was downhill all the way back to Milldale down the old packhorse route of Millway Lane. 

The second and shorter section of our route carried on across Viator’s Bridge, so named after the traveller in Izaak Walton’s book “The Compleat Angler”. We walked down the Derbyshire bank of the Dove as far as Ilam rock, crossing here and heading north for Hall Dale. Apart from one steep and slippery rocky section, much safer to negotiate uphill than down, the gradual ascent to the hamlet of Stanshope was very pleasant. Unfortunately, rain had set in again by this time but it was only a mile or so back to our cars. It took a day or two for the boots to dry out though! Total distance: 10.5 miles; total ascent: 1400 feet. 

Long Distance Walk 2018: Next year it will be 10 years since we started our bi-annual long-distance walks with St. Oswald’s Way in Northumberland. For 2018 we have chosen the Borders Abbeys Way in Scotland. This circular walk of 67 miles links the abbeys of Melrose, Dryburgh, Kelso and Jedburgh, and also visits Hawick and Selkirk. The date set for the walk is May 5th – 12th, and we shall be based at Melrose. Anyone interested in joining us for all or part of this, or in our monthly walks, will be most welcome and should contact Jackie Burns or Gill Elliott for further information. Jackie Burns 

Memories of Ashbourne by Christine Clode (née Pratt) 

I recently passed through Ashbourne on a sunny Sunday after a family wedding in Derbyshire and we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the Market Place. I was so pleased to find the church open and also was able to locate “The Parsonage” on St John’s Road (now the home of a financial company). 

My uncle, J. Norman Pratt was Vicar of Ashbourne from 1950 until his death in 1969. I have very happy memories of a holiday spent at The Parsonage, St John’s Street, travelling from Surrey with my cousin Jenny when we would have been about 11 or 12 years old in the early 1950s. We came on a train from London where my father put us on and gave the Guard 2/- to “keep an eye on us” on the journey to Derby. Aunty Margaret met us in the car to take us back to Ashbourne. Norman and Margaret gave wonderful support to all the parishioners and my aunt always had two “girls” living in. At the time I understood that they came from a local institute and Margaret gave them board and lodging in return for duties in the house. My recent research has revealed St Monica’s Home for Girls owned by The Children’s Society (formerly Waifs and Strays Society) and the possibility that the two girls may have come from St. Monica’s. I wonder if any readers could throw any light on this. 

Joseph Norman Pratt was born in 1898 in Esher, Surrey, eldest of nine children of Joseph and Edith Pratt. He served in WW1 in the Transport Division as Corporal of The Horse. He entered college to study for the Ministry In 1925 and was Deaconed in 1928 and he and Margaret married. After his Priesting in 1929 they served in the parish of St Saviour, Forest Gate, in the Diocese of Chelmsford from 1928 to 1930, from there to Clayton in Yorkshire and becoming Curate in Charge of St Cuthbert’s in Wrose, in the Diocese of Bradford in 1931. In 1933 they moved to Coslany. Norfolk as vicar of St Martin at Oak. Norman and Margaret then took the living at Cooling, in the Diocese of Rochester in 1935 and their sons Malcolm and Graham were born there. In later years Malcolm and his family lived in Uttoxeter and he died in 2013. Sadly, Graham who with his wife Margaret lived in Spain, also died in the same year. I think I only met Graham the once whilst staying at Ashbourne, though Malcolm would visit my parents in Surrey quite regularly. 

Whilst in Cooling Norman joined the Royal Army Chaplains Department and served during WW2, holding the rank of Captain. In 1950 the family moved to Ashbourne where they remained until my Uncle’s death in 1969. Margaret then moved to Alton. My parents would visit Ashbourne most years and enjoyed the services in the surrounding parishes, especially the Well Dressings. 

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any memories of the family. 

Christine Clode (née Pratt) cclode@sadie2.madasafish.com 

An invitation to coffee and cakes (tea and juice too!) at 38 St Oswald Crescent on Saturday 18th November 10-12 noon. There will be a small Bring and Buy table as well. 

All proceeds to be donated to the Arunima Hospice in Kolkata. We are going here at the invitation of Bishop Ashoke Biswas to support the work of the Cathedral Relief Service (CRS) in December. 

Ruth, Joy and Christian Mallard. 

Ruth Mallard (Ashbourne Methodist Church) 

38 St. Oswald Crescent 

Ashbourne DE6 1FS 

01335 348342. 

Whoever you care for, you are most welcome to drop in to St Oswald’s Church Hall for an hour’s respite with a warm welcome, a listening ear and plenty of coffee/tea between 10 am and 12 noon on Wednesday, 1st November, and Wednesday 6th December. For further information call Maggie or Nigel on 01335 664159. 

Singers News – November 

Saturday 11 November @ 7.30 pm – Ashbourne Singers Remembrance Concert with the Ashbourne Town Band at St Oswald’s Church 

Saturday, 18 November @ 7.30 pm – Derbyshire Singers, St John’s Church Hall. Puccini: Messa di Gloria, Mozart: Mass in C Major 

Ashbourne Animal Welfare 

Christmas Shopping Open Day at The Ark 

Sunday 5 November 2017 - 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

The Ark, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne DE6 1NB 

Free Admission 

Do your shopping at The Ark and help the cats and dogs in care. 

Lots of lovely gifts to buy as presents. Visit the kennels & cattery, homemade lunches & teas 

Gifts, Books, Bric a Brac, toys etc. Ashbourne Animal Welfare Christmas cards / 2018 Calendar on sale. 

Christmas at The Ark – Open Weekend Saturday 25 November & Sunday 26 November 2017 


Visit the kennels & cattery, homemade lunches & teas 

Gifts, Books, Bric a Brac, toys etc. Ashbourne Animal Welfare Christmas cards / 2018 Calendar on sale. 

For more information Tel 01335 300494 or www.ashbourneanimalwelfare.org 

Choral Music at St Oswald’s 

Sunday 5th November All Saints and All SoulsMeadow123 

10.30 Parish Communion Kindle a light/Fleming 

6.30 All Souls Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace/Wesley 

Sunday 12th November Remembrance Day 

10.45 Remembrance Service And I saw a new heaven/Bainton 

6.30 Choral Evensong Purcell in G minor Rose responses 

Through the day thy love has spared us/Morley 

Grant us thy peace/Mendelssohn 

Sunday 19th November 2nd Sunday before Advent 

10.30 Parish Communion I will sing with the Spirit/Rutter 


6.30 Evensong Now to God sing praises/Somerset 

Thou knowest Lord the secret of our hearts/Purcell 

Sunday 26th November Christ the King 

10.30 Parish Communion King of Glory/Bach 

6.30 Choral Evensong Stanford in G Rose responses 

Lift up your heads/Matthias 

Rejoice in the Lord always/Purcell 

Sunday 3rd December Advent Sunday 

10.30 Communion People look east/Stainer 


into Light Adam lay bounden/Ord 

In Darkness held/Shepherd 

Ave Maris Stella/Grieg 

Matin Responsory/Palestrina 

Sleepers wake/Mendelssohn 

How lovely are the messengers/Mendelssohn 

Thank you. 

Michael Halls, Director of Music 

The trustees would like to invite you to 

ACE Youth Trust 

Annual General Meeting 

Monday 6 November 2017 - 7:15pm – 8:45pm 

Ashbourne Methodist Church Century Hall 

Station Road, Ashbourne DE6 1AE 

Refreshments and cakes will available from 7pm 

RSVP to admin@aceyouth.org.uk or call 07468 424287 

Free parking on Church Street or Station Street in marked bays. Alternatively, Derbyshire Dales District Council Car Park adjacent to the Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool offers free parking for Dales Council Tax residents with a parking permit. Sainsbury’s car park is pay and display. 


Yes, it’s that time already! 

We are soon to be preparing for Christmas and a very important part of our preparation is to come together and sing carols and celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

Every year we are invited to sing Carols at the residential homes here in Ashbourne and we are always made so very welcome. It is a wonderful opportunity to take the joy of Christmas into the homes of Ashbourne residents who perhaps cannot come to church and sing some of their favourite Carols. 

If you would like to join us you are most welcome – “the more the merrier”. 

There will soon be a ‘signing up’ sheet on the table as you come in the south door for people to add their names to if they feel they would like to join us. 

Thank you 

Lindsay Walker 01335 343194/07971802671