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From Duncan

Dear friends,

On my way to the Sunday morning service this week, a flurry of leaves fell from the trees above my head. It’s still early, yet there is something in the air that carries with it the first unmistakable hints of autumn; the light has shifted. A new season is on its way.

I have to say there is a part of me that is slightly relieved:  in general, I prefer a few more layers and a little less bare flesh. I’m a jumper man: I love October – the air smells cleaner, the colours are brighter, blackberry and apple pie is back on the menu and at school you get a new exercise book. I always had big plans for that book:  my writing would be neat, my spelling ‘purfect’ and I’d underline with a ruler. Every year we had to re-cover our book (I have no idea why teachers get you to do that) and I was rubbish at it. By the time I’d re-covered my book in five rolls of Sellotape and a copy of the Beano, the book was a mess, I’d lost the enthusiasm and two days into the start of term the new beginning was at an end.

Every season in life has some things that are beautiful and some things that aren’t quite the way we’d hoped they would turn out. Life’s like that, you can’t turn back the clock, the summer is gone – something in the air has shifted, but you can make a new beginning and beautiful things happen when you take a small step of faith.

In Matthew’s gospel there is a famous story about Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water to meet Jesus. I wonder if Peter gave any thought to what the other disciples thought of him as he threw his legs over the side of the boat and let go… was there a moment when he thought, “How daft will I look if this doesn’t work.” The most awful thing many of us can imagine is that we might look a little foolish, but it’s a fantastically liberating thing to stop worrying about what other people might think and listen to the still small voice inside our own heart. Maybe there’s something that’s been going round in your mind for a while, maybe you’ve got a thought that won’t go away, but you think you might look a bit silly, or you’re at a new season in your life and you’re making a new start. Well, have you heard the saying, “if you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat…….”?

This October why not make a fresh start and come to church? I promise you won’t have to re-cover your hymnbook and you might find a beautiful new beginning waiting for you. This autumn our harvest appeal is partly to provide food for our local foodbank, and partly to raise money for a hospital in Northern India. Go on - join in, be part of something that will help change someone’s life - not just for a season but forever.

With love


Duncan Ballard

Ashbourne Group of Parishes

Area Dean of Carsington, Diocese of Derby

01335 343825  duncan.ballard@me.com



Harvest has surely been celebrated ever since human beings first planted seeds, cut the heads of grain and stored them to use through the times of scarcity. Today, the Harvest Festival is still one of the most popular celebrations, both in town and country. It may seem strange that we bring tinned goods alongside fresh vegetables to decorate our Church, but these can be a modern way of acknowledging our dependence on God. On the other hand, lumps of coal or sheaves of wheat may evoke memories in older people of harvests of the past, when life was harder and the celebrations more poignant. For all generations a reminder is appropriate of the basic humble elements of soil, water and grain, on which we all depend, and the fruits of which we should share with the poor at this time.

On Saturday October 6th we will be decorating our church with greenery, fruits and symbols of harvest (beginning mid-morning) – please bring anything you have to beautify the church. Then on Sunday, 7th October, at 11am there will be our Harvest festival – a great celebration of gifts and goods, followed by a harvest feast in the hall (please sign up in advance – the list is in church). All the Harvest gifts will be used to help the needy: fresh produce will be distributed around our parish, and tinned items will be given to our local foodbank.

Caring for each other

The Church is concerned for everyone who lives in the town, and we are anxious that all shall feel cared for. A number of people form a pastoral team who together with the Maggie and Nigel, Amanda and Duncan, visit folk in the parish.

In particular, we are concerned for anyone grieving after a bereavement; people in hospital or ill at home; any elderly folk who find it hard to get out and may be lonely; and anyone who is troubled or worried and might like to talk to a trained, sympathetic member of the church. We emphasise that all conversations will be totally confidential. Please let us know if there is someone you think would like to be visited, or if you yourself would like one of us to call or if you would like a visit from the team. We also plan to visit newcomers to the area to welcome them and will be grateful if you will let us know when someone new moves in.

If you are sick or recovering from an operation and would like to receive Communion in your own home, please ring the parish office or Maggie and Nigel.


Thanks to gardeners

As we approach the end of the growing season, can I, on behalf of our church, offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to keep the church grounds looking so beautiful.





Julian Meeting in St Oswald’s Chapel Thursday 4th October 2018 7pm - 7.30pm

Please come along and share in 15-20 minutes of being with God in silence.


Each meeting will start with a prayer and short introduction followed by 15-20 minutes of silence.  We will come out of the silence gently saying a prayer together such as the Grace: ‘The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore. Amen’. Or the Doxology: ‘Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and shall be forever.  Amen.’


Margaret Taylor


Ministry of Welcome

I would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the Saturday welcome team who have greeted and offered hospitality to the many, many visitors who came to St. Oswald’s Church throughout the summer months.  It is ten years since the Ministry of Welcome team began formally welcoming visitors to the church and during that time hundreds of people have travelled from near and far to come and see inside. Their reasons are many: the architecture, the history, a quiet space, spiritual renewal or a trip down memory lane. It has been our privilege to hear their stories and offer both a warm welcome and some refreshment.

Last year we hosted the Ashbourne Treasures exhibition (see the new display in the cabinet, with a reminder of Prince Edward’s visit). This brought in many more people, as did this year’s “Our Game” mass of terracotta figures - a community project which originated in the Ashbourne Arts Festival. Our welcomers have been an integral part of these events, reaching out to the many people they brought to the church.

Thank you all so much for your support and commitment over the years. It has been - and is - very much appreciated.

Maureen Pittman.

Church Events in the Benefice of Ashbourne


5th August               St Oswald’s                      Matthew Bettany

5th August               St Oswald’s                      Noah Walding

26th August             St Oswald’s                      Esmee Ferinhough

26th August             St Oswald’s                      Ava Palmer



2nd August        St Oswald’s               Robert Smith & MaiYingqi (Blessing)
6th August        St Mary’s                  Ben Johnson & Lauren Tilley
18th August      Holy Trinity              Mark Cunningham & Charlotte Clayton
18th August      St Mary & St Barlok  William Harrison & Sarah Poynton
24th August      St Oswald’s               Daniel Bould & Laura Tomlinson
25th August      St Peter’s                   Paul Roberts & Louise Winfield
31st August      St Oswald’s               Lloyd Shemuydova & Tendai Nhova


17th August      St Oswald’s      Stuart Johnson, 79 years
31st August       St Oswald’s      Roger Wibberley, 64 years

For Christenings, Weddings or Funerals please contact the Parish Office Tel. 01335 343052 ashbournechurch@gmail.com



Please check the inside cover of your magazine for amended times of the services of the churches in the Benefice of Ashbourne for the month of October.



St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne


Sanctuary Flowers in October at St Oswald’s



October 7th       Harvest flowers
October 14th     Harvest flowers

October 21st     Vacant
October 28th     Mrs A. Marples



During the time that the clay figures for ‘Our Game’ are in the sanctuary, the flowers will stand in front of the communion rail.

Anyone who would like to donate flowers in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion, please contact Margaret Dawson on 01335 342339 or dawsonm17@googlemail.com



Gardening Party @ St Oswald’s

This group of volunteer parishoners and non-parishoners has been  working each Tuesday morning between 9h30 and 11h30 to keep the churchyard neat, doing ordinary tasks that the council workers do not cover.  This includes ensuring that each of the doorways are free of litter, leaves, confetti and so on; ensuring the down-pipe drains are not blocked; weeding the path edges, etc. 


Please contact Nick and Margaret Taylor on 01335 324656 if you are interested in joining in.




The Ashbourne Branch of the Mothers’ Union meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month in St Oswald’s Church Centre at 2:30 pm and on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at different venues.

The final meeting of the Ashbourne Deanery before we join with members of the Wirksworth Deanery to become Carsington Deanery will be held on 2 October 2018 at the Mainsail Restaurant, Carsington Water.

Nancy Bell
Branch Leader

Free Community Bus

Free Community Bus collecting in Ashbourne town from 09:30 for the 10:30 Family Service at St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne.

Bus normally runs on the 3rd Sunday of the month, although this might vary due to availability of bus driver.

Planned dates


Sunday 21st October 2018

Sunday 19th November 2018

Sunday 16th December 2018

Sunday 20th January 2019

Sunday 17th February 2019

Sunday 17th March 2019


For more information contact Gill and Paul Elliott. 

Email: paulgillelliott@outlook.com                            Telephone 01335 343059


Don’t forget breakfast church at St Oswald’s:  October date for Breakfast Church is Sunday, 28th October!  God, a bacon butty and a fresh mug of coffee – all welcome!   From 9:00 to 9:40 in Church Centre.





Accessibility at St Oswald’s Church

People are on duty at all the church services to welcome you. Please ask for assistance if you need it.

  • There is a car park at the church. Disabled parking is available in front of the church hall.
  • Access into church via the big west doors (rear of the church) is on the level. We are wheelchair friendly and working on getting better!
  • There is a hearing loop in church.
  • A large-print version of the service book and hymn book is available. If we are given a few days’ notice, we can also produce the material in braille.
  • The toilet in the church hall is fully wheel-chair accessible.




Choral Music at St Oswald’s


Michael Halls
Director of Music


Sunday 7th October     Harvest Festival

  1.                            Parish Communion

Thou visitest the earth/Greene    

Glory love and praise and honour/Harris

6.30                             Confirmation Service

                                    Come down O Love divine/Harris        


Sunday 14th October   20th Sunday after Trinity

10:30                           Parish Communion

I lift mine eyes to the hills above

6.30                             CHORAL EVENSONG

Sumsion in A   Clucas responses

Fear not O land/Elgar

Jubilate Deo/Britten                 


Sunday 21st October    21st Sunday after Trinity

10.30                           Parish Communion

                                    Ave Verum Corpus/Mozart

6.30                             Evensong
                                    Be still my soul/Sibelius
                                    We praise Thee O God/Stanford

Sunday 28th October   Last Sunday after Trinity; Bible Sunday

10.30                           Parish Communion

Irish Blessing/Chilcott

6.30                             Evensong

                                    O strength and stay/Thiman.


This year the choir will be singing the services in Hereford Cathedral on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th October. This will be the ninth cathedral in which we have sung services since 2012. Supporting congregation is always welcomed.

St Mary’s Church, Mappleton


Flower rota

October 7th and 14th - Enid Kent

October 21st and 28th - Shirley Taylor

November 4th and 11th and 18th - Betty Sherratt. Sue Ratcliffe

November 11th Remembrance Sunday

November 25th – Mossie Jackson


Parochial Church Council:

The next PCC meeting will be held at 3 p.m. on the 4th October 2018 at Mill House, Mappleton with thanks from Mossie.


Mappleton Coffee Mornings: - 10.30/12 noon

Wednesday 3rd October. 7th November / 5th December


Joan Duckmanton


St John’s Church, Ashbourne

Services at 9.15 am Sundays

Sarah Denny

Churchwarden, St John’s



Holy Trinity Church, Clifton


After a glorious summer our vice president Avrill Hallam welcomed everyone to our September meeting.  A visitor joined us, and hopefully she will become a new member in due course.  The date of the Autumn Group Meeting is 25th October 2018, those wishing to attend were asked to put their names forward. Several our members did well with their entries at Ashbourne Show, and thanks were given to all who helped at this year’s Clif Fest.


The speaker for the evening was Richard Hancock about Macular Degeneration.  Richard had been diagnosed 10 years ago and he gave us a detailed account of how it had affected him.  We were given a diagram showing where the macular is and a grid and pair of special glasses that helps us to check our own eye health. Macular degeneration affects the central vision and makes it more or less impossible to recognise faces.  The patients must undergo a vital injection every few weeks and he told of a lady who had to fly home from a cruise just to have this injection and then fly back – illustrating the importance of these injections.  Richard has been told he will never go blind, but his vision will always be very limited.  He could not stress enough how important it is to have regular checks because, as with so many illnesses, so much more can be done if caught early.  We were told how the Macular Society has contributed £500,000 for research.  The society was founded 31 years ago by Elizabeth Thomas.  Genetic research and stem cell treatments could be a cure for the future. Avril Hallam thanked Richard Hancock and the evening concluded with refreshments.

Next month’s meeting will be on10th October 2018 and the speaker will be John Hawkins on stories behind plants. If you would like to come along and see what Clifton WI get up to, do please contact President Tina Harbinson on 01335 343749 or Secretary Phyl Kirkman 01335 343498.  We meet every second Wednesday in the month at 7.15 pm in Clifton-Smith-Hall..


Monthly Lunch

The October lunch will be held on Wednesday 24th October at The Lilacs.  Please contact Mrs. Harbinson if you would like to attend.  01445 343749


Parish Lunch

Due to the Harvest Supper having to be cancelled this year a Parish Lunch will be held on

Sunday 4th November 2018 in Clifton-Smith Hall.  Price per ticket and time to be announced later.

St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston

Harvest Service @ Norbury Church

Sunday October 14th @ 11am

We will be joined by the School Children

All produce gratefully received (to be given to charity)


Harvest Supper in Norbury Village Hall

Saturday October 13th @ 7.30pm

Two course supper £8.00    child £3.00

Quiz as entertainment.

Please call for reservations;

Contact: Celia 01889 590409   Christine 01335 324361


Defibrillator in Roston!

After many months of fundraising, The Roston Inn is now the pleased to announce they have a Defibrillator in place on the front of the building, clearly visible from the road (bright yellow box on the wall!).

  • If you come across someone who is not breathing or breathing erratically, the most important thing is to call 999 and start CPR to keep the blood flowing around the body. After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces someone's chance of survival by 10 per cent. Each defibrillator is slightly different, but the one at Roston Inn talks you through the whole process.
  • If you're on your own, don't interrupt the CPR to go and get a defibrillator. If it's possible, send someone else to find one. When you call 999, the operator can tell you if there's a public access defibrillator nearby.
  • Once the defibrillator is open and in position, all you have to do is follow the spoken instructions. Many defibrillators will also have diagrams or a screen to help you. The defibrillator detects the heart's rhythm, it won't deliver a shock unless one is needed.
  • Often you’ll need to press the shock button although some fully automatic defibrillators will deliver the shock themselves. You should resume CPR as soon as instructed by the defibrillator.


For more information and advice / videos on How to perform CPR /use a defibrillator etc please visit



at St Oswald’s Church

A new Edward Bear term has begun, and we have said goodbye to ten of our precious children as they start various schools in the Ashbourne area. What a privilege it has been to watch them grow and develop ready for this transition. Edward Bear has been a place where hopefully children and parents together have experienced loving kindness and have felt the presence of God wash through their busy lives.

Olivia, one of our ten leavers, off to school at St Oswald’s on her first day with Anna and Pete.

The Edward Bear Team met recently for a working lunch to plan activities that will eventually take us to Christmas and the New Year. We have a full programme which initially focuses on ‘Jesus’s Wonderful Love’ exploring stories such as ‘The Lost Sheep’ and ‘The Good Samaritan’. We are using a teaching aid now called ‘Diddy Disciples’, which helps us search into the meaning of such wonderful parables whilst giving examples of how we may put this information across to our young audience and parents alike through story-telling, drawing, prayer and music.

This autumn Edward Bear is supporting THE MOSES BASKET APPEAL. Derby Refugee Solidarity are looking for individuals and groups to donate Moses baskets filled with necessary items for vulnerable new born babies and nursing mothers which will then be delivered to refugee camps abroad as well as in the UK. Edward Bear will be asking individuals to donate items to help fill the baskets and a list of items can be seen on the notice boards in the children’s area in Church and a Moses basket.

We are an enthusiastic team ready with a new set of musical instruments, bacon rolls, a tidy toy cupboard full of clean dressing up clothes. Let’s get started.

Chris Haycock, Janet Wright, John and Rutha Titterton, Irene Wilson, Brenda Lees, Joan Duckmanton, Lynne Cohen, Liz Bridges, Sue Downing, Judith Fletcher, Lindsay and Peter Walker, Rev’d Amanda Marshall, Rev’d Duncan Ballard – the Edward Bear Team.  We welcome families every Thursday in St Oswald’s Church Centre 9.30 am – 11.30 am.  Edward Bear is a ‘praise and play’ group for parents with their babies and small pre-school children.

For information please contact the Church Office on 01335 343052 – ashbournechurch@gmail.com





Recently at the Mothers’ Union afternoon meeting we had a talk from Alison Orchard a volunteer with the Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity movement.  They are looking for individuals and groups to donate Moses baskets and other items listed below to be delivered by them to vulnerable women in refugee camps in France, Lebanon, Syria as well as in the UK.


Items needed, along with the basket:


basket sheets and blankets

10 baby vests

10 baby grows

baby cardigans

bib or muslin squares

a coat, hat, mittens

small teddy or soft toy (CE marked)

cotton wool

breast pads

cotton night dress for mother

duvet cover

plastic sheet

sweets for mother

wipes & new born nappies



Items do not need to be new but clean and in good condition.

Please check the website for further information or contact Nancy Bell at Ashbourne Mothers’ Union for further details. http://derbyshirerefugeesolidarity.org


On the 5th September ‘Carers Count’ marked the first anniversary since welcoming anyone who is a Carer to drop into St Oswald’s Church Centre on the first Wednesday of each month for coffee, chat, fellowship and mutual support. During the year we have also welcomed input from Derbyshire Carers Association who have been on hand to give advice and guidance on various matters including grants that are available to Carers.

The folk who come to ‘Carers Count’ greatly value and look forward to the monthly gatherings and anyone who is a Carer is most welcome to come and join us. To find out more, take a look at www.ashbournechurch.org.uk and see page ‘Caring for carers’ or call Nigel on 01335 664159. Next meetings on Wednesday 3rd October drop in between 10am and 12 noon.









A day for all the Benefice Churches

Saturday 27th October 2018











Over the summer, so many stories have been told - Russian interference, Brexit, the ‘death’ of the church, the rescue of the Thai footballers, Bible stories on Sundays etc.  Where is the truth in them? What are we to believe? Perhaps we’ve made new stories about ourselves, our churches, our faith.


Come along and share a variety of stories on Saturday, October 27th in St. Oswald’s Church Centre. Coffee will be served from about 10.15 and we’ll finish by about 3.45. Bring your own lunch; tea and coffee will be provided. And bring your current favourite ‘story’ in book, poem, Bible story, a picture or whatever form you like, so we can explore together the importance of stories and their significance.


Never been to a study day before? Don’t worry, come along and enjoy the experience. Please let me know if you hope to come or have any queries; phone: 01773 820773 or email: d.wilmore469@btinternet.com. There’ll be a reminder in Pew News nearer the time.


Deirdre Wilmore



Children and Churches

In discussing recent media coverage of child abuse scandals in the church, it is all too easy to say, “it couldn’t happen here” or “it couldn’t happen nowadays”.  Sadly, neither of those statements is true – but our society’s attitudes to acceptable and unacceptable behaviour towards children and young people have clearly changed for the better in recent years, and this has not happened by accident.  I am no fan of excessive bureaucracy or “political correctness”, but if applied sensibly and sensitively, child protection policies and procedures have an important part to play in all areas of life, including our church community.


Through the hard work of Lindsay Walker and Kay Wright, St Oswald’s Church has now completed a full review of its policies and procedures for safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk, with the help of local teachers and Diocesan officers, and we have introduced a new set of policies and guidelines. 

Our Church's policy statement confirms our commitment “to be a safe, caring community which provides a loving environment and a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ and action towards safeguarding of all”.  In the Parish Policy statement adopted by the PCC we are reminded that safeguarding is the responsibility of the whole church community.


Please come and talk to the vicar or to our safeguarding officer (Kay Wright) if you have any concerns that you want to bring to their attention. Contact numbers for Parish officers, as well as Childline, Parentline and NSPCC Helplines, are displayed at the back of the church.


Additionally, St Oswald’s Church is committed to helping all children and young people become ‘Fully Alive in God’ by giving them every opportunity to:

  • hear and experience the Good News of God’s love
  • grow in their own faith and understanding of God
  • join in God’s mission to the world around them
  • engage in the Christian responsibility to care for the earth and those living on it
  • be fully valued and treated as members of our churches and diocese


We do not believe that Children and Young People are the church of tomorrow. They are the Church today and have understanding and truth to share with the 'adult' Church for all of our benefit, and to God’s glory. If you'd like to know more about clubs and groups for toddlers, children or young people, please be in contact.


Still searching for a new editor

The Parish Magazine



We Are Looking For Someone To Take Over The Editing Of The Parish Magazine.

Magazine Editor

The magazine editor is responsible for producing a print ready file to be printed.  It is currently a Microsoft Word document, but this is not a requirement as any package which can produce a pdf file will be fine.  We produce 10 copies a year, combining July/August and December/January.  The deadline for items for inclusion in each edition is the nineteenth of the preceding month and the printers require five clear days to produce the magazine which should be available in the church for the last Friday of each month.  The Editor also uses various national Church resources for other copy. The magazine is very popular – we distribute nearly 300 copies and it helps bring in money for the church.

Magazine Advertising Manager

This task which involves billing the existing magazine advertisers, asking whether they wish to continue, checking that the money has been received, and liaising with the editor to ensure that the correct adverts appear in the magazine is carried out by the Treasurer, Michael Hyde.  However, there may be a small amount of work through the year if new advertisers are to be found.  Full training will be given, but there will also be the opportunity to shape the work to suit your skills and time.

Please contact Susan Damesin if you are interested or e-mail me susan.damesin@gmail.com




The Ashbourne Stroke Club

is having an Open Day on

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018. -  2.30pm - 4.30pm.
It will be held at the Bowls Club which is next to the Golf Club, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne DE6 1NB

There will be an exhibition of WW1 memorabilia, displays, stalls, tombola, raffle, treasure map, refreshments, etc.

The Stroke Club is self-funding and aims to enhance the lives of Stroke survivors and their families by offering support, social activities, trips out etc. on alternate Tuesdays.

Please come along to support our Open Day.

Transport can be arranged by phoning 07527 688619.

Thank you. Val Humphries







Saturday August 25th, 2018

The aim of this month’s walk was to avoid the Bank Holiday crowds and traffic, and the chosen route certainly did this! We saw hardly a soul all day. Starting from her house in Offcote, Hayley led us east along the quiet lane towards Kniveton, soon branching off left on a well-trodden bridleway. We walked past the Ketch pub and Lester Lowe before descending to Kniveton village. En route we encountered a lively and inquisitive herd of cattle which quickly saw us off – amazing how speedily we all scaled the stile out of their field!

From there it was a steady climb up the fields to Madge Hill, with super views east towards Ashbourne (the spire of St. Oswald’s just about visible), back towards Parwich, and Cannock Chase on the distant horizon.  At 981 feet the trig. point was the highest point of the walk. On the descent we had good views of Carsington Water and met some very friendly Gloucestershire Old Spots!

Our next destination was Atlow Church, where a local wedding was taking place. Then it was up the hill to Ridge Lane for our return to Offcote. On the left we passed close to the vast and surprisingly noisy solar farm. After sheltering beside the trees out of the brisk wind and a rogue shower for our lunch we returned to Offcote along the valley of the Henmore Brook. Hayley had prepared for us a delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches and cream cakes – a splendid end to an excellent day’s walk. Thanks very much, Hayley!

Total distance: 9 miles; total ascent: 1000feet.

Jackie Burns.



Ashbourne Animal Welfare

30th Birthday & Animal Behaviour Open Day

Sunday 7 October 2018, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Ark, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne DE6 1NB




Help us celebrate 30 years of rescuing & rehoming cats and dogs!



Animal Behaviorist giving advice and demonstrations
Cat Chat Corner for advice on cat care and behavior

Visit the cats and dogs.

Homemade lunches & teas - Gifts, Books, Bric a Brac - Free Admission
Tel 01335 300494 for more information


Ashbourne Animal Welfare Christmas cards and The Ark 2019 Calendar on sale.


www. ashbourneanimalwelfare.org





Christmas Angels 2018


‘To share God’s love and to bless the community in public places and community spaces with a Christmas message.’

I know most of our knitters are busy knitting poppies for our display at Remembrance and this is not instead of, but as well as!!

Last year 803 knitted angels went out onto the streets of Ashbourne just before Christmas. This was co-ordinated by the Methodist Church with knitters from St Oswald’s joining them. I had the privilege of blessing the heavenly host before they went on their journey.

The angels were so well-received that we have decided to do it all over again this year. Would you like to take part with us? The angels are very easy to knit or crochet – we have the patterns and can arrange for you to receive a copy. The angels bring a great deal of joy and offer God’s love to our community in a small way. Do think about joining us in this work of witness and of offering. If you need help or advice, needles or wool just get in touch with me and I can point you in the right direction.

Look out for a special ‘Angel Knitters’ Event’ in the autumn.

And if you want to find out online about the nationwide ‘angels’ project go to www.christmasangel.net/ where you’ll find information, patterns and encouragement.  Maggie Rode revmaggier@gmail.com