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Information for Hirers


To hire the church hall please follow these steps.

  1. Read through the information and conditions set out below
  2. Contact John Titterton, john@titterton.org.uk. 01335 342904, to confirm hall availability and to be sent an invoice (preferably by email).
  3. Complete the booking form at the bottom with payment.  Send it by email or post to  John Titterton, 18 Stanton Road, Ashbourne DE6 1SH.  email: john@titterton.org.uk.
  4. Hire Charges:
    1. Up to 4 hours during the day  (am or pm)     £35

    2. Up to 8 hours                          all day             £55

    3. After 6pm                                                       £45

    4. No charge as agreed with Rev. Ballard                                     


Cheques are to be made payable to ‘ST OSWALD’S CHURCH HALL’. 

Invoices will be issued on request. Fees if possible to accompany this booking form when returned.  Please ensure that the invoice number is written on the back of the cheque.

To gain access to hall

Please COLLECT the key from Ashbourne Physio & Sports Clinic, 1 Spire House, Waterside Business Park, Ashbourne DE6 1DG. 01335 344952

Their opening hours are:     

Monday, Tuesday                                8am-8.30pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday      8.30am-5pm

Weekends and Bank Holidays           closed; collect the key on Friday.

The hirer must return key as soon as possible to clinic after every event.  If clinic is closed put key through the their letterbox or return early the next morning.

Please note the following requirements

  1. There is no access to hall before stated time and the hall must be vacated by the stated time.  Putting chairs etc. away and clearing up must be completed inside the booking period.
  2. Entry to the hall and exit from the hall (except in case of emergencies) must be by the main door at all times and not through the kitchen door or the door to the small hall.
  3. THE HALL IS NOT LICENSED FOR THE SALE OR SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL.  The appropriate licence must be obtained and displayed at the event. See the footnote below about how to obtain a license.
  4. The hall must not be left unattended during a booked period.
  5. As much notice as possible on either side must be given to cancel a booking.
  6. The person whose signature is on the booking form will be held responsible for the care of the hall, for the maintenance of good behaviour inside and outside and for tidying up afterwards.
  7. The setting up of the hall, with tables and chairs etc for an event and putting away afterwards is the responsibility of the hirer.  If food is served in the hall then the floor must be swept and cleaned fully at the end.
  8. All exits must be kept clear of obstructions at all times and the position of fire-fighting equipment and first-aid equipment noted.
  9. Any mishaps or breakages should be reported and payment must be made for any damage.
  10. No posters or other items to be stuck on the walls or the curtain of the hall.
  11. No smoking is allowed in any part of the building.
  12. No dances, discos, bouncy castles or outdoor games are permitted in the hall and all events are to finish by 10.30 pm.  Excessive noise must be avoided bearing in mind the close proximity of the Alms Houses and the Church.
  13. There is a small car park at the south end of the hall.  This is for use by both the users of the hall and the Church.  Turn right off School Lane just before the bridge.
  14. Any electrical equipment brought into the hall must be PAT tested.
  15. The Hall has an Entertainments Licence.


  1. Tablecloths, tea towels and preparation knives are not provided.
  2. Please return all items used to the appropriate cupboards.
  3. Cleaning equipment in the kitchen is for kitchen use only.
  4. Please take all your rubbish away with you.
  5. If food is being prepared in the kitchen, please sweep the kitchen floor before you leave..

Licensing Laws:  With the implementation of the Licensing Act 2003 alcohol cannot be sold or supplied free at any event in the church hall without a licence.  It cannot be included in the price of the ticket unless a licence is obtained.  Individuals may bring their own drinks for their own consumption without a licence.

From November 2005 the licensing authority is Derbyshire District Council. For further information contact the Licensing and Administration Manager:   telephone: 01629 761374.

Please retain or bookmark these requirments for future reference.

The booking form that you are requested to fill in and complete is here.

St Oswald's Church Hall hire
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