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Letter from Duncan 

Recent Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals

St Oswald’s Flowers 

Mothers’ Union 

Community Bus 

Breakfast Church

Choral Music at St Oswald’s. 

St John's church 

Norbury church 

Clifton church 

Ashbourne Animal Welfare 

St Oswald’s Carol singing 

Edward Bear

(Moses Charity)


Hark the Herald Angels sing! 

St Oswald’s Walking Group 

Lantern Procession 

The Ark

Bell ringers news 

Good News for Tradecraft 

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From Duncan

Dear Friends,

“Advent wind begins to stir

With sea-like sounds in our Scotch fir;

It’s dark at breakfast, dark at tea,

And in between we only see

Clouds hurrying across the sky

And rain-wet roads the wind blows dry

And branches bending to the gale

Against the skies all silver pale.”

John Betjeman describes the mood of December in Britain – shadows gathering, wind and rain, the sun becoming short lived in our sky (even less than normal).

Advent is a time of deep and dark shadows, where light is scarce, and darkness seems to reign. Added to that are the shadows of our world – terrorism, political uncertainty and financial challenge. It is into these shadows that Betjeman’s poem speaks:

“the Advent bells call out ‘Prepare,

Your world is journeying to the birth

Of God made Man for us on earth.”

The Advent voice calls to us across the centuries. It is the call of God, the call of salvation, the call that sees justice restored and the call of light and hope. It breaks into the shadows and the darkness to proclaim God with us in the birth of a baby, the word made flesh.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu in his Advent message to the church in South Africa in 2012 spoke about how it was precisely in the darkness, where it looked as though there was no way forward, that the light of Christ came into the world. Christ came into a world that was at war, was rife with injustice, into a people who were suffering pain and poverty. This is the reality of so many today. It is in the birth of Jesus, God becoming human, that God breaks in as shafts of sunlight through the clouds, with a promise that one day all will be light, and God’s glory will be fully seen. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it.

I pray that your journey through Advent be one in which God’s light breaks through the darkness, preparing us all for the birth of Christ, bringing hope and peace to the world.

There are many opportunities to experience that light through Advent and into Christmas at St Oswald’s and the village churches, ranging from the magnificent Advent and Christmas carol services, through to the children’s crib service, the Angel festival and our annual animal blessing service, ending at magic and mystery of midnight mass and the joy of Christmas morning. Full details can be found later on in this magazine, and on posters around church and the town. If you are able to join with us for the preparations and celebrations, you’ll be made very welcome.

Your friend


Duncan Ballard,

Ashbourne Group of Parishes,

Area Dean of Carsington,

Diocese of Derby

01335 343825

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Church Events in the Benefice of Ashbourne


6th October              St Mary & St Barlok         Mary Rolph
14th October            St Mary & St Barlok         Florence Betteridge
14th October            St Oswald’s                      Harriett Cundy
21st October            St Oswald’s                      Ella Cundy
28th October            St Oswald’s                      Willoughby Ryan
28th October            St John’s                          Ava Rudge


5th October           St Mary & St Barlok     Rebecca Peterson & Andres Tivey


5th October                Holy Trinity, Clifton        Cynthia Tait, 80 years

12th October              St John’s                         Sean Griffin, 98 years

24th October              St Oswald’s                     Patricia Fisher

For Christenings, Weddings or Funerals please contact the Parish Office
Tel. 01335 343052

For Christmas Service times for St Oswald’s,
St John’s and Snelston please check the inside cover of your magazine

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 Flowers St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne

There will not be any Sanctuary Flowers in St Oswald’s during the period of Advent

6 January                       Christmas Flowers

13 January                     Mrs J. Sadler

20 January                     Mr M. Halls

27 January                     The Haycock Family

Christmas Flowers and flowers throughout the year

The Flower Arrangers are so grateful for the generosity of so many people in either providing their own flowers or the funds for the Sanctuary Flowers. A new list will be on the notice board in the South transept and if anyone would like to do or pay for the Sanctuary Flowers on one of the empty dates, perhaps in memory of a loved one or to mark a special occasion, please add your name and state if you would like the regular arrangers to do the arranging. In addition, the Flower Arrangers receive donations at the main festivals and throughout the year, without such donations it would not be possible to decorate the Church to the extent that it is throughout the year.

The Christmas decorating will be done on Saturday 15 December starting at 9.30 am and the Sunday 16 December. This is a wonderful opportunity to come and help on Saturday morning or to come and see if you would like to join the regular Flower Arrangers. As we have said before, there is no need to be an experienced arranger, a love of flowers is enough and friendly help is always available.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Christmas Flowers can hand their donation to Judith Sadler, Celia Yates or any of the regular Flower Arrangers.  See Flowers Sec. contact on back cover of this magazine.

Anyone who would like to donate flowers in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion, please contact Margaret Dawson on 01335 342339 or

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The Ashbourne Branch of the Mothers’ Union meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month in St Oswald’s Church Centre at 2:30 pm and on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at different venues. A warm welcome to anyone wishing to join us either in the afternoon or in the evening.  Please contact Nancy Bell on 01335 347915

The Ashbourne Branch, along with Edward Bear, has been supporting the Moses Basket Appeal by the Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity movement.  See the article on Edward Bear in the following pages.

Nancy Bell
Branch Leader

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Free Community Bus

Free Community Bus collecting in Ashbourne town from 09:30 for the 10:30 Family Service at St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne.

Bus normally runs on the 3rd Sunday of the month, although this might vary due to availability of bus driver.

Planned datesSunday 16th December 2018

 Sunday 20th January 2019

Sunday 17th February 2019

Sunday 17th March 2019

For more information contact Gill and Paul Elliott. 

Email:                            Telephone 01335 343059

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Breakfast Church

Don’t forget breakfast church at St Oswald’s:  December date for Breakfast Church is SUNDAY, 23RD DECEMBER!  God, a bacon butty and a fresh mug of coffee – all welcome!   From 9:00 to 9:40 in Church Centre.

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 Choral Music at St Oswald’s

Michael Halls
Director of Music


Sunday 2nd December              Advent Sunday

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       People look east/Stainer


            “From Darkness into Light”

A tender shoot/Goldschmidt      Ave Maris Stella/Grieg            

In darkness held/Shepherd        How lovely are the messengers/Mendelssohn

Matin Responsory/Palestrina     Sleepers Wake/Mendelssohn

We wait for thy loving kindness/McKie

Sunday 9th December 

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       Lo how a rose e’er blooming

2.00     A Celebration of Animals Service

6.30     Evensong                     At thy feet O Christ/Bach

How beautiful upon the mountains/Stainer

Sunday 16th December

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       Sleep little babe/Kelly

6.30     Charity Carol Service A tender shoot/Goldschmidt

Sans Day Carol/Rutter

Sunday 23rd December

8.00     Holy Communion

9.00     Christmas Breakfast Church

10.30   Parish Communion       The Angel Gabriel/trad

6.30     The Festival Service of Nine Lessons and Carols

Angelus ad Virginem/Willcocks             The Sycamore Tree/Warlock

No small wonder/Edwards                    A maiden most gentle/Carter

Seven Joys/Cleobury                            O little town of Bethlehem/Chilcott

Shepherds’ Pipe Carol/Rutter                Sure on this shining night/Lauridsen

Monday 24th December           Christmas Eve

4.30     The Crib Service

11.30   Midnight Mass with choir


Tuesday 25th December           CHRISTMAS DAY

8.00     Holy Communion with carols

10.30   Parish Communion     In the bleak mid-winter/Darke

And the glory of the Lord/Handel

Hallelujah Chorus/Handel

Sunday 30th December

10.30   Parish Communion       (no choir)         (no other services)





Sunday 6th January                 Epiphany

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       From the rising of the sun/Ouseley

6.30     An Epiphany Carol Service

Three Kings/Cornelius                          Jesus Christ the Apple Tree/Poston

From the rising of the sun/Ouseley        We three Kings/arr Leddington White

Whence is that goodly fragrance/arr Baker


Sunday 13th January

8.00     Holy Communion        

10.30   Parish Communion       New Year Carol/Britten

6.30     Choral Evensong

            Stanford in Bb: Smith responses;

Listen sweet dove/Ives  Beati quorum via/Stanford

Sunday 20th January

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       I lift my eyes to the hills above

6.30     Evensong                      Grant we beseech thee/Shaw   Whence is that goodly fragrance/arr Baker

Sunday 27th January  

8.00     Holy Communion

10.30   Parish Communion       Non nobis domine/Quilter

6.30     Ashbourne Churches Together United Service

You are very welcome to join us at choir practice on Fridays at 7.00p.m. to see who we are and what we do. If your child enjoys music and is aged seven or more, then please consider the many benefits that being a chorister at St. Oswald’s brings. If in doubt, ask for more information. Contact details can be found on the back page of the magazine.

Thank you                   

Michael Halls

Director of Music

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St John’s, Ashbourne


We did Remember Them - Armistice - 100 years - Their names were read from the Roll of Honour and after a lapse of 10 years the church bell echoed over the town.  Thanks must go to Alan who rang for, in total, 45 minutes.  Ceramic poppies had been planted in the church grounds (thanks to the unknown person who did this) and we felt humbled and proud of the men who gave their lives.

Six days after the end of World War 1 in 1918, Doug Hampson was born.  He grew up in a two bedroomed cottage along the Old Derby Road.  As a child he would attend St. Johns Church and was one of the boys who 'pumped' the organ! During the Second World War he was to become a prisoner for a period of 5 years, something, like many, he did not talk about.  This year would have been his 100th birthday and as in previous years flowers were placed in the church on behalf of Gwen and her family. 

Gwen, who herself looks forward to celebrating her 90th birthday in 2019, was the Ace St. John's coffee maker for many years at the fund-raising events held at the Town Hall.

Monica Cope


Just a year ago we planned to move somewhere, mostly to sort out thirty-five years of accumulation and to have a bit of a change while young enough to appreciate it.  Our daughter and family had moved to Ashbourne a year or so before so - why not Ashbourne?  Our daughter agreed!  It all happened very quickly, and we moved with a lot less stuff, at the end of February after Shrovetide but before rather a lot of snow.  Schools were closed so we came in rather useful very quickly for grand-children minding.

I wanted to find a church and knew about St John’s as our daughter lives on King Street - just below- and the clock chimes... And as it was a much longer walk to St Oswald’s, St John’s seemed to fit the bill.  I have been given a wonderful welcome.  I’ve never been to a church with such a small congregation, but it’s great - from the amazing singing to the extremely well-behaved dog who is very much part of the congregation. 

Thank you.

Margaret Butler

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St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston

Church Services December 2018

2nd December       11 am Morning Prayer (Mike Warner)

9th December        11 am Holy Communion (Nigel Rode)

16th December      11 am Carol Service (Duncan Ballard & Amanda Marshall)

21st December      2.30 pm Norbury School Service (Carollyn McDonald)

23rd December      11 am Holy Communion (Maggie Rode)

25th December      10 am Holy Communion (Nigel Rode)


Remembrance Sunday service was very special and poignant this year and the children of Norbury School attended and were involved. The wonderful poppies made and sold by Gladys Lear (I think most people had one) raised £220 to be donated to The Poppy Appeal.  A collection of £240 from the Harvest Service has been sent to the Bishop of Derby’s Appeal.  The Autumn Fayre raised £1,147.00. 

Norbury & Roston Parish Council - Parish Kiosk

As you have probably noticed, the Parish Kiosk is now up and running. Our thanks go to:

  • Funding in the Community
  • Graham Hayes, for the repair to the door
  • The Jubilee Group, for having it painted
  • Sarah Pennell, for fitting it out with shelves

Sarah would like to ask, that if you have any books or DVD’s for the kiosk, then would you give her a ring (01889) 591497 (Highfields House, Roston). The Parish Council hope that everyone in the village will make use of the now transformed phone box.

Moving on

Many of you will know that Charlie and Maureen Allen have left the village for a bungalow in Uttoxeter. Charlie came to Roston when he was a few months old and is now in his 90’s. Maureen and Charlie raised a family; Susan and David.

They used to drive buses from the garage on Shields Lane and Charlie drove school buses for Stevenson’s for many years and Maureen was housekeeper at Abbotsholme School. Charlie will be missed singing in the church choir every week, selling poppies (which Maidie Lyons has taken on), delivering the Flyer and growing produce for the Garden Show. We will also miss Maureen’s familiar figure walking for many a mile round the Roston area.33

Good luck to you both in your new home.


The Parish Council would like to thank Jessica Batterby for her time and skills in editing the Flyer which supplies news and information to every household in the Parish. Good luck to you and your family for the future.


Norbury & Roston Jubilee Group

Quiz Night 

This again proved to be a very popular and entertaining evening. The winners were the “Universally Challenged” with the “Shepherds” coming second, thanks to everyone that came and to our quizmaster Christine.

Village Green Seat

The Jubilee Group has purchased a new seat for the village green. This replaces the one that was kindly donated by Mr. & Mrs. Stow in 2000 and had unfortunately become rather rotten. The new one is made from recycled plastic, so will be weather proof and maintenance free. We hope you all enjoy sitting and resting on it for many years to come.

Carol Walking

As in previous years, we will be singing and walking our way through the village ending up at the Shant, where no doubt Sarah will have something waiting for us. This year it will be on Saturday 22nd December at 6pm. So, wrap up warm and bring your best voices along to join with the rest of the village.

Twixmas Trek

We will be walking off the over indulgencies of Christmas by having a good walk on Sunday 30th Dec. starting from The Shant at 10.30am and returning there for Brunch. So, don’t forget to bring along all your friends, two and four legged and join us for our “Twixmas Trek” (try saying that after a couple of sherries!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

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Holy Trinity Church, Clifton


The date of our next meeting will be Wednesday 12th December 2018

Time 7.15 pm - Venue Clifton-Smith Hall

Subject: Party Night. (all members requested to bring a plate of food).

Our January meeting will be on Wednesday 9th January 2019

December Church Services

2nd December        10.30 am Holy Communion

9th December        10.30 am Morning Pray

16th December      6.30 pm Christmas Carols

23rd December      10.30 am Holy Communion

24th December      4pm Crib Service

                            11.30 pm Midnight Mass

30th December      10:30 St Oswald’s Church joint service

Monthly Lunch

The January lunch will be held on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at The Lilacs at 12.30 pm.  Please let Mrs Harbinson know by 14th January if you would like to attend.  Tel. 01335 343749 




ON  14th, 15th and 16th DECEMBER 2018



12:00 noon   to   4.00 pm

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Ashbourne Animal Welfare

Celebration of Animals Service
St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne

Sunday, 9th December 2018, 2p.m.

Dogs, cats, small pets all welcome in church.
Donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary Derbyshire Centre taking part
Blessing of the animals – All Welcome

Telephone 01335 300494 for more information

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Our Magnificent Poppies



We shall be singing Christmas Carols again this year! Will you come and join us?

A signing up sheet will be on the table inside the South Transept.

Wednesday 12th December - CHATSWORTH COURT @ 2.30pm

Thursday 13th December - DOVE HOUSE @ 6.00pm

Monday 17th December - THE LEYS @ 6.00pm

Tuesday 18th December - THE LODGE @ 2.30pm

Wednesday 19th December - ST OSWALDS HOSPITAL @ 6.00pm

For more information contact Lindsay Walker 01335 343194/07971802671/

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at St Oswald’s Church

Edward Bear is continuing to meet Thursday mornings in the church Centre 9.30am – 11.30am.  Coffee, bacon rolls, toast and jam – a real welcome greets our families.

November meetings have focused initially on ‘Remembering’, leading into December, Advent and ‘Getting Ready’ (baby John’s story). Edward Bear covered a teddy bear wreath with poppies for the Remembrance Parade and one of our families walked in the procession to the Memorial Gates to lay our wreath.


Edward Bear has been supporting the Moses Charity.

The Moses Charity aims to fill as many ‘Moses Baskets’ with essential items for newly born babies and their nursing mothers. Items are then collected locally by Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity in St Anne’s Church Warehouse in Derby and distributed to refugees in Syria and the holding camps in northern France.

Edward Bear together with members of the Mothers Union and congregation here at St Oswald’s Church have been gathering items and filling baskets - their generosity has been overwhelming. There has been so much kindness, love and support shown in recognition of the difficult times young mothers are having as they bring a new baby into the world amid the turmoil of war.

It became necessary for Peter to take the donations into St Anne’s Church as we were brimming over with nappies, Babygro’s, nighties for mums and more, filling the Edward Bear cupboard to bursting. Edward Bear is still accepting donations up until Christmas.

Thank you everyone.

Peter Walker with Julie from Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity in Derby after delivering some of the Moses baskets.

Edward Bear families have been supporting ‘Children in Need’ by encouraging our small children to help a little at home and in return gather a few pence to stick onto Pudsey Bear. Proceeds will be sent to the charity.

When Duncan and Ellie arrived in Ashbourne they brought with them a large bag of knitted teddy bears. These teddy bears were beautifully knitted, and all individually wrapped for children. It was decided to find the teddy’s a good home.

It was decided that these well-travelled teddies should be sent to the Aquabox Project in Wirksworth.  Aquabox is a project started by The Rotary Club in Wirksworth, filling boxes full of essential items including a ‘water filtration unit’ responding to disasters in times of crisis.  Kindly folk took all the teddies on the local bus and after a conversation with the bus driver, were dropped off outside the warehouse at the top of Cromford Hill. The teddies will now continue their journey in a blue Aquabox alongside other essential items, hopefully into the arms of a small child. Thank you.


CHRISTMAS PARTY Thursday 20th December in Church Centre (please bring a present for your child to put in Father Christmas’s sack – with name on)

BREAKFAST CHURCH Sunday 23rd December 9.00am in Church Centre

CRIB SERVICE – 24th December, Christmas Eve 4.00pm in St Oswald’s Church. Come early to get a seat with children dressed in nativity/dressing up clothes. We have lots of nativity costumes/wings/crowns for all who come.


For more information regarding Edward Bear please contact Chris Haycock 01335 343194/Lindsay Walker 01335 343194/Parish Office 01335 343052

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St Mary’s Church, Mappleton

Flower rota

December 2nd & 9th                   Mossie Jackson

December 16th, 23rd & 30th        Phillipa Walker-Okeover

December 28th                          Wedding at 2pm at St Mary’s

Dates for December

2nd December               9:15 am Matins

5th December               10:30 – 12 noon - Village Coffee Morning

9th December               9:15 am Holy Communion

15th December             6:00 pm – Carol Service

16th December              Pantomime (Dick Whittington) at Buxton Opera House

23rd December             9:15 am Morning Prayer

25th December             9:15 am Holy Communion Christmas Day

Christmas parties for children on - date to be confirmed

Dates for January 2019

January Rota                            Dorothy and David Spencer

12th January                              Mappleton Parish Council Meeting

Friday 18th January                   Meal at the Okeover Arms t.b.c.

January Coffee Morning           Date to be confirmed

Wednesday 13th February 2019 – PCC Meeting at Wayside Cottage at 3 pm.

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Hark! the herald angels sing

December: the trappings of Hallowe’en - the ghosts, the spiders’ webs, the witches - have been replaced on the shelves by fairies, tinsel and a jolly old man in red with a beard, but sadly, not much evidence of the crib and angels of the Christmas story.

St. Oswald’s will be filling that gap in the next few weeks with hosts of angels, which like the Shrovetide figures and the poppies have again been a community effort. The display cabinet in church is also taken over by angels!

But are angels ‘real’? Probably not, if you take a narrow literal view of that word. Can we see them, hear them, touch them? Our experience of how we live, however, suggests that reality extends beyond what we learn through our five senses to what we think in our minds and feel with our emotions. Angels may represent a different way of expressing some important truths of our faith which are best approached and understood through stories.

Good stories deal with truth in enjoyable, easily digestible but challenging ways. The Bible has plenty of good stories about angels, not all of which we should take too literally (did Balaam’s donkey really see an angel and refuse to budge?).

When we’re moved by a glorious sunset, the intricacies of a butterfly’s wing, a poem, a piece of music, love between two people, an empty peaceful church, we’ve entered into a ‘thin’ place where the world beyond this one is breaking in. There we find the ‘otherness’ of God has become closeness, where God’s love, joy, and protection for us and the whole of creation breaks through. It is in this boundary place that angels may best be found. As they enjoy God’s company in what we call heaven, they represent the otherness of God.  They are also play a part in God’s way of communicating with us through our fellow human beings. You know the phrase ‘entertaining angels unawares.’

Let’s not be blind to what lies around us; in the words of the poet Francis Thompson:

‘Tis you, ’tis your estrangèd faces

That miss the many-splendour’d thing’.

Hark! the herald angels sing - we pray we’ll hear them this Christmas!

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28 October 2018

Walk from Hope, to Castleton, Cave Dale, Mam Tor, Great Ridge, Lose Hill, Hope

We left Ashbourne in watery sunshine, hopeful for the day. However, by the time we reached Hope, it was drizzly, misty, and very cold, with the odd snow flurry. It could only get better, and it did, eventually!

We followed the riverside path from Hope to Castleton.  We enjoyed beautiful autumn colour and glimpsed the Great Ridge and the various peaks of our walk between breaks in the cloud. On reaching Castleton, we followed the narrow limestone gorge of Cave Dale, behind Peveril Castle, which led steadily uphill to the high pastures above the village. Level walking along high-level tracks gave us a chance for a breather before our next ascent to the summit of Mam Tor. This hill was the site of an Iron Age hill fort, and the ramparts and other earthworks are still clearly visible. It was very blowy on the summit, but surprisingly crowded, considering the weather. The ascent of this hill features in the BBC's top 100 walks and as a spectacular viewpoint is justly popular. We descended from the top along the ridge on the well made-up path, and found a spot near Hollins Cross, just off the ridge and out of the wind, for lunch. By this time the far-reaching views which we had hoped for were unfolding, and we had spectacular vistas over the Hope Valley and Kinder Plateau. After lunch our next top was a steep but short little climb to Back Tor, then a gentler, but longer climb to the shapely summit of Lose Hill, another splendid viewpoint, where there is an interesting topograph pointing out all the landscape features we could see in all directions. We then began the gentle descent all the way along the Lose Hill ridge, down to a track which led past Lose Hill Hotel and Spa, to the road, which we followed for a short distance back to Hope, where we enjoyed a cup of tea.

9 walkers, 2 dogs, 9.5 miles (15.2km) 1890 feet (580m) of ascent

Judy Harrison

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Friday 7 December @ 6 pm

Don’t miss it!

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Ashbourne Animal Welfare
Winter Open Day

Sunday, 13th January 2019, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The Ark, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne DE6 1NB

Winter Warmer Lunches and Teas

Tours of the Ark – New Year Sale of Bric a Brac and Books

Telephone 01335 300494 for more information.


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Much has been written in the national press, Bellringers’ websites and the Ringing World magazine about the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. A campaign has been in place since the beginning of the year called “Ringing Remembers”, aiming to recruit over 1,000 new ringers in memory of those ringers who lost their lives in that war. This target was exceeded by a considerable number


Another aim was to have all the church bells in the country ringing half muffled at some point on the morning of November 11th, and open (that is with no muffles) during the evening. We at St. Oswald’s were pleased to be able to join in, with all eight bells rung half muffled as usual before the 10.45am Remembrance Service, and open before Choral Evensong. Two of our band also manned the towers at Norbury, Mayfield and Tissington. We plan to ring a quarter peal before the end of the year to complete our contribution to the celebrations.

On the subject of recruitment, we are always hoping for lapsed ringers or interested newcomers to come along and join us to keep the bells of St. Oswald’s ringing as they have been for over 200 years.

It is a very worthwhile and satisfying thing in which to be involved. We practice every Wednesday evening from 7.30 – 9.00pm, and lessons can be arranged at other times to suit. Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution……!?!?

Jackie Burns.   01335 370782

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Last month we reported that Traidcraft plc would cease to trade at the end of 2018. This month we share some good news.

‘Traidcraft goes back to the future with a new pioneering plan for ethical trade.

The Board of Traidcraft has accepted a plan for the future of the plc which has room for 12 employees and will begin its work at the start of 2019. The new plan came forward during a legal consultation process. It was written by a group of staff, supported by external advisers, and influenced by hundreds of well-wishers who offered ideas.  At its heart is an aspiration to make transparent the costs, prices and profits involved in every product it sells, which carries on the fair-trade tradition of challenging and disrupting the market.

CEO Robin Roth said: “Traidcraft has transformed shopping in the UK, and now you can find fair trade everywhere, from online shops to petrol stations. But as times change, so must we. When new markets are searching for goods that are ethical, vegan and organic as well as fair trade, we need to be there. As younger people demand cooperative models of doing business, we need to strive for that too.”

Traidcraft will initially focus more deliberately on its established partners and advocates, who are predominantly active in Christian churches. Traidcraft’s 4,300 Fair Traders, 85% of whom are motivated by faith, will be able to access a new version of the company they already do business with. Further to this, products will be available to all consumers through the online Traidcraft shop and by mail order.’

We hope this means Traidcraft products will still be available in Ashbourne, so we can all help to make a difference to others lives.

Janet Wright and Clare Sales

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